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We enjoy minimal esthetics and compressing your company's vision to its essence.


We are videographers, editors, designers and truly believe in delivering high value productions. Our goal is to create great visual content that matches the branding goals of the companies we work for. Everything from scripting, filming, editing, motion graphics - from start to finish. 


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Laurens Heijs
Director / Camera / Editor

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Beyond my Vietnamese and Dutch heritage, bilingual upbringing, and time in Belgium, there was always a sense of overwhelming curiosity. This has led me to learn about opposite perspectives, while also triggering a deep creative hunger:

  • BSc ‘Liberal Arts and Sciences’ at the University of Tilburg. (2009-2013)
  • ‘Film - TV - Video’ program at LUCA School of Arts Brussels. (2013-2016)

Both complemented each other in a perfect way to now support this newest endeavor: Haze Film. While my background focused on artistic, original work, I'm now excited to translate those same sensibilities towards commercial videos.

Overall, the same philosophy still stands: to make something deeply different; video's that can be beautifully atmospheric, that can have a powerful message, and most of all: that can have an everlasting impact. I want to make you stand out: your company, your message, your video.

+32 472 27 04 37 | laurens@hazefilm.be
Belgium office
Nederlands, Francais, English

Alex Jurtan
Producer / Graphics / Sound

 Alex Jurtan

Made in Germany, raised in Shanghai, and now living in the Netherlands, my life has been a journey of flexibility, research, and innovation. It's been a lifelong theme that travelled with me into adult life:

  • BSc 'Industrial design' at the Technical University Eindhoven. (2011-2014)
  • 'Product designer' at form+function studio.

Every design project was always a perfect opportunity to make a video. I spent my formative years making visual pitch videos, crowdfunding campaigns, and product demonstrations, you name it.

With Haze Film, I hope to use this unique insight for technically-oriented companies. Communicating on the same level, and understanding manufacturing, materials and techniques - will allow us to make the most effective video that can accurately represent your brand's identity. 

+31 6 19 65 32 52 | alex@hazefilm.be
Netherlands office
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